Winco Brochure

This beautiful 6 page brochure is in mint condition and was generously provided by Steve Hicks from Montana. Steve was a Wincharger dealer. He is up on the tower on page 5 (mid-left).

Winco Hybrid Brochure

The above brochure was generously provided by Craig Toepfer and is used with his permission.

Dutch Brochure

Many people in Holland were using a Wincharger and several other home-made generators to make electricity for their homes during the German occupation of Holland during World War II. This little booklet from 1941 (in Dutch) describes the Wincharger and several home built installations and building plans for the propeller. Submitted by: Gerlof Langerijs Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Jacobs Brochure

The above article, photo and brochures were generously provided by Craig Toepfer and are used with his permission.

Lejay Catalog

The above catalog was provided by Mike Werst, Manor, TX


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